Quest System

More information about the Quest system will be updated here over time. It will be added as an update in the future.
One big focus we have with future updates is "How can we provide more tools to Chunk for players to create an engaging experience on their Chunk?" One tool that immediately comes to mind is Quest system.
We will be giving the ability to players to create their very own quests within their chunk. This will be an easy to use in-game system with no formal coding knowledge necessary to use. This quest system will be custom built in-house - without the use of third party plugins - so that it is reliable, efficient and flexible for future updates.
We believe that providing such a powerful tool will allow players to build some amazing storylines, minigames, attractions, and more!
This quest system is already built and used internally. On PokeFind, we have hundreds of quests using this system. To create a quest will be just be a matter of pressing a few buttons.