Trading System

Being limited to only the resources in your chunk, you’ll need to trade with your fellow owners to achieve your goals. It is important to us that Chunk owners feel safe trading with each other, so we have created an in-game trading system.
Our trading system will enable Chunk owners to exchange items. Here is how it will work:
  • One Chunk owner will send a trade request to another Chunk owner. You can do it from far apart (from each other's Chunk) or within proximity of each other.
  • The Chunk owner who received the trade request will have to accept it
  • A GUI menu will pop up for both Chunk owners involved in the trade
  • Each Chunk owner will place in the items/blocks to be traded away
  • Once all the items/blocks are placed in the GUI menu, both Chunk owners will see what they are giving away and what they are receiving
  • Both Chunk owners will mutually approve the trade 🤝
  • Items will be exchanged between player inventories 🎉
"One man's trash is another man's treasure"
What do we mean by that? Well, let's go over an example trade.
There may be a Chunk owner who has a desert biome Chunk with an abundant amount of Sand, but very little Dirt for growing crops. They reach out to another Chunk owner who has a Forest biome Chunk with abundant Dirt, but very little Sand for creating glass. These two Chunk owners can trade with each other to acquire the resources they would otherwise be lacking.
More information about the Trading system will be updated here over time