World Map

Chunk world is fully custom with a wide variety of new biomes and terrain generation. Along with that, world also contains some custom pre-built structures. This world is made up of 10,000 Chunks that are each 128x128 blocks in dimension, creating a 100x100 grid of Chunks.
Claiming a Chunk grants you (and approved friends) the right to interact with it. You can break blocks and build whatever you please. Your imagination is the limit!
You can view our world map already through our Interactive Map. This interactive map will be updated in real time as Chunk owners make build progress on their Chunks.
Live demo of Chunk's interactive map working while someone is on Chunk server
Perfect Seed. We used our in-house algorithm to find the perfect seed to custom generate our world. What makes this a perfect seed? Well, every possible biome is contained within our world border.
In-game screenshot of a custom generated volcano taken from inside Chunk's world

3D Viewer

When we create all 10,000 Chunks, we will also be creating a 3D model file for each Chunk. This 3D model will be accessible through an external link tied to the Chunk. We will be using this 3D model for our Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities and a 3D viewer. This will allow you to get a detailed look from all angles of the Chunk you are interested in.