Genesis Chunkies

We have recently announce Chunkies!
Chunkies has been a big part of our long term vision where we use our 5+ years of experience building PokeFind to create our own Pokemon-like brand and game mechanics that will add a lot of utility for every Chunker to enjoy.
There will be over a 100 unique Genesis Chunky species and you will be able to battle, breed, level up, evolve and take care of your Chunky. However, each Chunky will be unique with its' own individual stats and personalities. More information about exact gameplay mechanics will be announced and shared with all of you over time.
Chunkies will be playable on multiple platforms as we grow the brand. It will first start with Chunk server utility and Augmented Reality but it won’t stop there! Chunkies will be able to expand into other platforms like Roblox, Hytale, our own mobile game.
When owning a Genesis Chunky, you are given commercial rights to that Chunky. We believe that is the pure beauty of web3 and we want to fully empower it. This means you can use your Chunky’s branding to create your own merchandise, content, etc.
An exclusive Genesis Chunky will be airdropped to every Chunk Passport holder