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We are very excited to have partnered up with Monsterland. Their Chunk contains spooky castle on top of skull island! You can hop in-game now and check it out.
Monsterland community members can also own surrounding Chunks to help further conquer the area with their droids.
This partnership has long-term goals in mind so additional features & utility will be provided to any Monsterland holder/member overtime, such as an exclusive Chunky.

How to Visit

That's right; you can already visit Monsterland's Chunk in-game! Let's dive into the steps you need to take. You do not need a Chunk Passport to visit, but if you like what you see and want land for yourself to play on, then you can mint your very own at

Step 1

Download Minecraft on your Computer, Console, or Mobile. Computer is the preferred system, but you can play on any of the three. If you do not own Minecraft, you can get it at or through Game Pass for $1 for first month

Step 2

Open up your Minecraft and click on the Multiplayer/Servers tab. Once you are there insert our server ip when you press Add Server.
If you are on Minecraft Java the server ip is
If you are on Minecraft Bedrock the server ip is and port is 19132

Step 3

Once you join our game for the first time you will be put through an introduction in-game. Once you are done, head over to the NPC called "Partner Chunks". Click on that NPC and then click on Monsterland and you will be teleported direct to their Chunk

Step 4

By far the most important step... HAVE FUN!